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About Us

Cash Cow Clothing

The concept of Cash Cow Clothing is one that is over a decade old, having lived in the mind of our founder since his high school years. Only when the world entered a pandemic did "Haram The Milkman" take time to actually consider that his musings could become something more. Lo and behold in little over a years time Cash Cow NYC was established, officially launched, and a daydream had turned into a reality. The idea Cash Cow NYC is centered upon is that any business or profession can become a cash cow with the right amount of passion and hustle behind it. Cash Cow NYC asks two very simple questions “What’s your Cash Cow?” and “How do you milk it for all it’s worth?”. Toss in our Company motto of MOOO and you find yourself with a recipe for success. Our designs aim to showcase this attitude of embracing the hustle with our unique Cash Cow NYC Style, so come join our Milk Crate Crew and start “milking it for all it’s worth”.